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How to prepare for a viewing so buyers fall in love with your home

Setting the scene with a bit of preparation prior to a viewing is essential for charming potential buyers into falling for your home.


In this handy guide you’ll find our 7 top tips to prepare your home for a viewing!


So, you’ve got the ball rolling, your house is on the market, and the first viewing is already booked in. It’s an exciting time! But the next step is one of the most important when it comes to selling your home – the preparation that goes on behind the scenes before a potential buyer’s visit. First impressions count, so make sure you’ve covered all bases when prepping. These finishing touches are what will really charm a potential buyer to make an offer.

It can be hard to know where to start – and stop! – when preparing for viewings. But over the years we’ve whittled down a curated list of 7 tried and tested tips that will have buyers falling in love with your home in 20 minutes, tops.


A bedroom in a home being sold by Currans Unique. On the bedside table a lamp with a white lampshade, a large baby blue analogue clock and a small potted plant. Styled using Currans 7 tips to prepare your home for a viewing.


(1) Give it some kerb appeal

No matter what, we always recommend that you start your preparation with the spot viewers will see first – your outdoor space. Begin by giving your front garden some basic TLC by trimming the hedges, moving the bins out of sight, jet washing patios and driveways. And, if you think it’s needed, revive the front door with a fresh lick of paint.

Once you’ve tidied the entrance, turn your attention to the back garden. Mow the lawn and add a few potted plants for a subtle splash of colour. Still think your outdoor space could do with a little more pep in its step? Check out our garden styling tips to add that extra ‘wow’ factor.


A beautifully styled garden in a property being sold by Currans Homes. In the foreground french doors leading out to a patio edged by numerous potted plants. In the background a green manicured lawn surrounded by a neatly trimmed green hedge and green trees.


(2). Convenience is key

On the day of the viewing, try to make sure that visitors have somewhere to easily park their vehicle. This often gets overlooked, but you want to make the visit as smooth and hassle-free as possible for the potential buyer so that you’re instilling an optimistic mindset from the outset.


An entrance way to a property being sold my Currans homes which has been beautifully prepared for a viewing. In the foreground stone walls and stone path leading to a wooden front door with accent windows surrounding. Either side of the path are smaller well trimmed trees.


(3). Revamp and repair

At a viewing potential buyers may open doors, look into cupboards, turn on lights and generally check that everything is in proper working order. So it’s key to make sure that all your furniture and décor looks great and works as it should.

Make good on repairs and update any lacklustre décor by filling in picture frame holes, covering marks on the walls, fixing broken cupboards and doors, refreshing the grout in the kitchen and bathroom, and replacing expired lightbulbs.


A dining room in a property being sold by Currans Homes estate agency. A green door opens into a white painted room containing a dark wooden side board with an art deco mirror hanging above. Towards the back of the room is a colourful patterned rug, a wooden dining table and chairs and a wooden side unit. The room is neat and tidy having been prepared for a viewing.


(4). Style the space

When preparing your home, you really want to highlight all the best bits in the most presentable way. Creating an aspirational lifestyle set-up with a bit of styling will enable you to do just that.

Start by bringing finesse to the dining table with your best serveware. Then use strategically placed mirrors to bounce light around the rooms, add fresh towels to the bathroom and adorn the walls with your favourite artworks to create a focal point. We’re big fans of styling up a space to sell, and you can find even more styling tips here.


A living room in a property being sold by Currans Homes estate agency. In the foreground a wooden coffee table styled with a bottle of wine, two wine glasses a small potted plant and a Jenga set. In the background a fire roars in the log burner. The room is neat and tidy having been prepared for a viewing.


(5). Create that cosy, lived-in feel

Making sure your home looks spick and span before a viewing goes without saying. But to entice a potential buyer, you really want to take your home to the next level; not just in the way it looks, but the way it feels. An easy way to do this is by creating a well-loved, lived-in feel that’s a real feast for the senses.

We find that bringing welcoming aromas into your house with scented diffusers in each room is very effective. Or, if you’re a keen cook, try the time-tested hack of preparing a batch of freshly baked goods and letting the comforting scent wander through the house.

If you have a fireplace, set the logs alight to give the living area a cosy feel. And turn on lamps and any accent lighting to create a welcoming atmosphere. If it’s not too cool outside, open the windows to let some fresh air flow through too. And remember to remove family photographs and replace them with fresh flowers to allow visitors to more easily envisage themselves in your home.



(6). Take pets away for the day

We understand that pets are part of the family, but the people viewing your house may not share the same outlook, and what’s more, they might be allergic. So, if you can, it’s best to let a neighbour or relative look after your furry friend for the day. Before the visitors arrive, it’s also worth airing out the rooms and adding a diffuser or two to neutralise any pet odours.


Two dogs lay on a cosy grey rug in front of a modern log fire in a property being sold by Currans Homes.


(7). Speak to your estate agent

Knowing your audience is a huge help when preparing your home for viewings. Your estate agent will already have done a little background research on who will be viewing your home and will also have asked them questions about what they’re looking for specifically. It may be that they’re searching for a space with a fantastic garden or a large kitchen. In which case you can focus your efforts on these areas when prepping your home. For example, try moving furniture around to showcase a room’s spacious potential or create a seating area in the garden so visitors can enjoy the view.

As you’re familiar with the area, it’s also a great idea to offer up more information to your estate agent on all the best parts of your local surroundings so they can pass this on to potential buyers during the viewing. Tell them about the proximity to your favourite shops, the best schools, peaceful countryside walks and hidden gems that others may not know about.


A living area in a property being sold by Currans Homes estate agency, Chester. The room has crisp white walls and woodwork, towards the back of the room two dove grey feature chairs sit on top of a patterned rug. Between the chairs a small glass table holding a potted plant. On the wall is an oil painting of a landscape in a gold frame. The room is very neat and tidy having been prepared for a viewing.

Questions about marketing your home?

If you have queries on how you can best prepare for a house viewing or have any general questions about marketing your home, then please do get in touch with our team – we’re always more than happy to help! Simply contact us by phone on 01244 313 900 or get in touch via our contact form, and a member of our friendly team will get back to you directly.

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