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Author: Lisa Curran

Winter viewing? How to make yours a success

We all dream of a white winter wonderland. A thick layer of snowy icing on the lawn, roaring fires, candlelit windows, movie afternoons wrapped in thick, downy duvets. The spicy scent of mulled wine drifting in from the kitchen. If your home is on the

Seven reasons to sell in September

 Seven reasons to sell in September In the blink of an eye, the trees are dappled in burnished reds and golds. That first waft of coal fire smoke garnishes the dusky sky. Dust off your autumn boots and dig out your gloves…. September is here.

6 1/2 Simple styling secrets

TO MAKE A BUYER FALL IN LOVE WITH YOUR HOME You know your home looks good. You’ve chosen your estate agent, the photographer’s booked and you’re ready to launch. But is there something missing….? Let us help you transform your home from ‘market ready’ to

Switching estate agents

 All you need to know to get it right   When you chose your estate agent, you did so because you believed they could sell your home.   You felt so certain, you even put your name to it when you signed the contract. However,

5 Ways Your Bedroom Could Help Achieve The Best Price For Your Home

All rooms in a property matter when it comes to selling a home, but some matter more than others. The bedroom is one of these rooms. So if you’re preparing to sell your home, take note. Here’s 5 ways to style your bedroom so that it’s not only more enjoyable to spend time in, but so that it’s highly appealing when selling too.

How To Sell Your Home Before Next Christmas

Believe me, I get it. You’re tired. You’re frustrated. You’re at the end of your tether and you feel like it’s never going to happen. We hear you. Everyday I speak with frustrated homeowners. And it’s because of these conversations that I want to tell you this story.